Kadambaari is primarily known as a dedicated international gospel singer with a passion to serve the Lord and to spread the gospel around the nations.

Born in a Hindu elite family she was raised in an age old traditional pattern of worshipping Hindu gods.

After passing her Masters in Philosophy and achieving the Diploma in advertising and Public Relations, she started her career as a classical dancer. Later she was trained in music under the guidance of Pandit Bhagat, Fiaz Ahmed Khan, Taj Ahmed Khan and Gulam Mustafa Khan.

In the year 1993 tragedy struck her, when death claimed everyone nearest and dearest to her. She lost her precious mom, beloved aunt, her dear cousin brother, and also the love of her life the man she loved deeply. Being totally shattered and heart broken, these tragic situations created immense fear and insecurity in her life. She cried and cried in utter desperation, but no one heard her or answered her prayers except Lord Jesus Christ. He came as her savior and gave her new life..

The profound peace and warmth that she cherished in His fold made her realize that He was the true living God. She turned away from Hindu worship for a new life in Christ. She then decided to consecrate and dedicate her life to serve just Him until her last breath. Today her lifestyle is a testimony of the true living God that resides within her. She is now a bold witness who sings and rejoices for His glory, proclaiming the gospel around nations.

  1. A former Film Producer and singer, and contractual artist of Zee TV.

  2. Proprietress of Sai Baba Textiles the company she closed after knowing the Lord's calling in her life.

  3. Radio and TV artist covered by Gospel Vision U.S.A., B.B.C. England, C.B.N, T.B.N., Sunrise Radio U.K, Voice International Australia, Jeevanathan Radio, Vishvawani India, and Radio Naya Jeevan Fiji Island.

  4. Ministered through gospel concerts in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Island, and entire United States of America.

  5. Ministered and teamed up in conferences and large crusades with renowned revival speakers like Samuel Rodrigues, R Stanley, D.G.S. Dhinakaran, Paul Dhinakaran, and Power of Love Ministry in India.

  6. Honored by the Federation of North American Association with the MILLENNIUM AWARD, a life time achievement.

  7. Niece of the former President of Philippines, Fidel Ramos, and Senator Leticia Ramos Shahani of Manila.

Kadambaari says she was "under the ash heap," until she met the Lord, who lifted her up. "It is just His grace and mercy on me. I was incapable and unworthy of all His blessings. All glory, honor, and praise belongs to Him."

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